Daniel Cochran

Jun 102014
Vote Cochran June 10, 2014

Victory Party Poll Results Watching @ Carlos’n Charlies


Broadway at the Beach
1202 Celebrity Circle R-2 Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 USA

(843) 712 1952

Come join the Cochran Clan and the Republican Liberty Caucus for the poll result watching party.

This has been an exciting adventure leading up to the June 2014 Republican Primary for Horry County’s District 8 County Council seat. After the polls close tonight at 7pm head on over and join us the the celebration of a job well done.

All our volunteers have worked hard to get the message out regarding Daniel’s actual experience at cutting spending and cost savings to the taxpayers. It is time to enjoy ourselves and you are invited.

Jun 092014
Polling Locations

Polling Places:

Carolina Forest No. 1 Carolina Forest Elementary School 285 Carolina Forest Blvd
Carolina Forest No. 2 Carolina Forest High School 700 Gardner Lacy Road
Coastal Carolina Christ Community Church 1500 U.S. 501 Business
Emerald Forest No. 1 Grand Strand Baptist Church 350 Hospitality Lane
Forestbrook Forestbrook Clubhouse 1100 Forestbrook Road
Jackson Bluff Sweetwater Branch Church 1436 S.C. 544
Myrtle Trace Myrtle Trace Clubhouse 101 Myrtle Trace Drive
Palmetto Bays Palmetto Bays Elementary School 8900 S.C. 544
Red Hill No. 2 Centenary United Methodist 1527 S.C. 544
Socastee No. 4 Beach Church 3015 Fantasy Way
Wild Wing Christ The Servant Lutheran 2105 U.S. 501 E.

June 10, 2014 – Republican Party Primary Vote

My six years of county work experience has provided me with the knowledge that results can happen with steadfast initiative. Twenty-five years of customer support (via Information Technology) has taught me to provide cost-effective innovative solutions. My first mission for District 8 will be stoplight synchronization on Highway 501 for a quarter of the cost of land expansion. Secondly, I will work on low-impact throughways, such as connecting Winyah Road to Gardner Lacy Road and extending Garner Lacy out to Highway 90. Most importantly, college graduates that I work with at Coastal Carolina University express difficulty starting careers in Horry County. We can provide a more diverse economy by encouraging companies to incorporate in our communities.

Vote for the candidate with real-world experience at saving taxpayer dollars.

Vote Daniel S Cochran on June 10th!

God Bless!

Jun 042014

Door-to-Door Campaign Update – Working Hard to Get it Done!

I want to thank all the volunteers that have helped get the word out about the campaign! You are a blessing and thank you.

I would like to further say a huge “thank you” to all the neighbors that welcomed us at their doorways and listened to our goals for District 8, Horry County and our Pee Dee District 7 (US House corner of South Carolina). Thank you.

It has been a great pleasure to meet all the 818 neighbor’s doorways we have been able to get to at this date. Your shared concerns have been heard and I will bring them to the Horry County Council, if so honored with this position after the election(s).

I am serious about representation of District 8 and this can only be done if I actually ask everyone what they think about the issues we are faced with in the “bottleneck to the beach.” My actual track record with the Horry County Republican Party as the Wild Wing Executive Committee member proves that I stand behind my conviction of representation of the neighbors over the will of the representative.

To all my neighbors in District 8, thank you for welcoming me to your door and considering me as your representative in the County Council. I am doing this for you and our next generations to make Horry County better than we found it for our children and grandchildren.

Vote Daniel S Cochran on June 10th for real experienced representation.

Jun 032014
Parking Lot Highway

District 8: Two and a Half Miles of Roadway Would Ease Hwy 501 Congestion

The purposed roadways that I have been talking about to neighbors in District 8 are presented here for their review.

At all the candidate forums that I have been allowed to attend, I have mentioned these the simple solutions to ease local travel on Hwy 501. It is my goal to work hard to turn District 8 from the “bottleneck to the beach” into the “welcoming pathway to your vacation.” As your County Council member, I will work hard to provide you with cost effective solutions.

Gardner Lacy to Hwy 90 Pathway:

Presented here are three pathways that could provide a pathway to Hwy 90.

1) The Gardner Lacy to McNeill Street proposal has the least amount of impact on established neighborhoods while it provides both District 10 and 8 with an alternate route via Hwy 90.

Gardner Lacy Mcneill Street Path

Click to Enlarge

This extension of Gardner Lacy for another one mile to connect with McNeill Street has an estimated cost for a four (4) lane new road of $2,600,000 to $9,480,600 using Generic to Florida’s DOT cost figures.

2) The Gardner Lacy to Lendrim Lake Drive proposal would be the shorter pathway, but neighborhood impact issues must be studied to assure disruptions would not hinder the quality of life of our neighbors.

Gardner Lacy Lendrim Lake Pathway

Click to Enlarge

This extension of Gardner Lacy for another 1/3 of a mile to connect to Lendrim Lake Drive has an estimated cost for a four (4) lane new road of $962,000 to $3,480,000 using Generic to Florida’s DOT cost figures.

3) The Gardner Lacy to Old Clear Pond Road is an alternate to the Lendrim Lake pathway; however, this would be the least desirable because it has the most impact on our neighbors in District 10.

Gardner Lacy Old Clear Pond Road Pathway

Click to Enlarge

This extension of Gardner Lacy for another 1/3 of a mile to connect to Old Clear Pond Road has the similar estimated cost as the Lendrim Lake Drive connection of $962,000 to $3,480,000 using Generic to Florida’s DOT cost figures for a new four (4) lane road.

Winyah Road to Gardner Lacy Drive Pathway:

The other pathway for a new road that I have shared with my neighbors when visiting door-to-door or at one of the many forums provides an alternate route than Hwy 501 to move from CCU to Carolina Forest. This pathway I refer to as the “Train Track Road.”

Winyah Road Gardner Lacy Road Pathway

Click to Enlarge

Currently, there is a one lane dirt road that is used by daring souls to get from Coastal Carolina University to Gardner Lacy. My proposal would have this become a paved roadway at an estimated cost of between $3,198,000 to $11,568,575 for a new four (4) lane road using Generic to Florida’s DOT cost figures.

Infrastructure improvements that are simple and low-impact on our neighbors are just some of the skills I will bring to this position for you. I bring to this position over 16,000 hours of real experience as well as a proven track record of saving tax payer dollars with innovative ideas.

May 222014
Hemp Clothing

I have been an active advocate of Industrial Hemp for Economic Development for decades now. It is wonderful to see that our State Legislature has now overwhelming approved an industry that was prevalent in our country for centuries prior to a 1950’s mistake by the Federal Government.

For a Physics class 103 in the Spring of 2013, I addressed the very issue that the House and Senate have passed and is on Governor Haley’s desk for signature into law for economic growth in South Carolina. Kentucky is a year ahead of us, but we can get there with the right leadership to capitalize on this crop.

Does this directly impact District 8? Yes with the small businesses this bill provides us with in growth opportunities. No, we do not have farming in our district for the most part. However, our Colleges biology research centers and our potential textile (clothing) companies can benefit from the cash crop of our neighboring districts and counties in the Pee Dee US House District.

The paper is written for a science audience with legislatures in mind for education to support the efforts. Here is the link to the full ten pages. United States Economic and Ecological Improvements for Agricultural Advancements in Biodiesel Fuel Production.

The executive summary of this paper states much like the S839 overview:

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1. The General Assembly finds that:

(1) Hemp is a fiber and oilseed crop with a wide variety of uses, including twine, rope, paper, construction materials, carpeting, and clothing, and has the potential for use as a cellulosic ethanol biofuel;

(2) Hemp seeds have been used in making industrial oils, cosmetics, medicines, and food;

(3) Hemp and marijuana are genetically different cultivars of the same plant species and are scientifically distinguishable from each other;

(4) Hemp is grown for scientific, economic, and environmental uses while marijuana is grown for narcotic use; and

(5) Research and development related to hemp has the potential to provide a cash crop for South Carolina’s farmers with broad commercial application that will enhance the economic diversity and stability of our state’s agricultural industry.
(Bold added)

I have touched on the innovative ideas to provide income avenues that the other candidates do not detail in our public speaking events. This is an example of one of those innovative ideas, and it is a great pleasure to see hard work from folks that are willing to put forth the effort to spearhead new ideas come to fruition.

Thank you to our Senate and thank you to Representatives Edge, Hardwick, and Ryhal that support our farmers!

BTW: I made an A in the class and on the paper. My current GPA is 3.92 at Coastal working on 3 more degrees in History, Political Science and Intelligence and National Security Studies. One of the benefits of working with the College is the opportunity to take up to six hours of credits as an employee. Therefore, I am expanding my Computer Science (BS) and Business (MBA) into other fields while maintaining full-time employment in the Information Technologies Department.