Conway, South Carolina: February 22, 2014

Daniel S CochranGreetings citizens of Horry County,

Thank you for visiting my website to become an informed voter in our County elections.

It has been my life’s mission to allow your vote for candidates to be an informed decision as to whom will best represent you in an elected office. While some folks ask questions about the track record of candidates and some folks just want the quick “who do you like” approach – all of us want to pick the right candidate to be our representative at all levels of government.

A candidate to promote the majority of our principles we look for in an elected officials.

A candidate that understands our party platform and supports it while serving office.

I am that candidate you have been looking for as your next District 8 County Councilman.

It has been my honor and pleasure to work tirelessly with the Carolina Patriots since 2010 to provide education, communication, and growth of concerned citizens to our Constitutional Republic in our corner of South Carolina.

It has been my pleasure to work with the Coastal Carolina University College Republican Club as the Faculty/Staff Advisor the past few years. Bringing new Conservative Constitutionalist into our party is another win-win for the future.

We in Horry County are graced with the blessing of being one of the first States to vote for our party’s nominee of choice in the Presidential race. We are also blessed with the fact that we held a national debate of said nominees before many of the other States in our Nation. This fact allowed voters that wish to make informed decisions on whom to cast their vote for in the primary season were given our input into the process. We should all take to heart that there in lies a huge responsibility on our informed and knowledgeable decision in our pick(s) for 2014 and beyond. Therefore, we must be open-minded to all the candidates that grace our State and become learned citizens prior to casting our important vote(s).

I have told our College Republicans at Coastal Carolina University that the most important person in our election cycle is — You.

The next largest group of folks that control our current government is the Precinct which comes together with other Precincts to a combined group within our County. The County then grows upon the combined group within our State to represent the decision of our State on whom we want to promote our platform, ideas, and desires of a smaller government, fiscal responsible, and Constitutionally adherent group of servants in our cities, counties, state and at the federal level. This can not be achieved without the involvement of the individual – learned – voter at the ballot box; therefore, we must all take a huge endeavor to be informed upon the vote we are about to take before stepping into the ballot box.

The main reason I stepped forward to be considered for County Council District 8 in Horry County revolves around communication, education and growing our number of employed citizens. As the County Councilman, I pledge to you that we will grow our technology edge even more over the next two years. We can take the start that the past leadership has provided us with and move it forward leaps and bounds. It is my goal that we can become the example that other counties will look to as a successful growth path.

I hope I can have your support with your important primary vote on

June 10, 2014

. In case of a run-off your continued support on

June 24, 2014


# # #

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