Welcome to me.

This site will host me as I explore and encounter the world around me. Everything here is me (unless otherwise indicated by citations or “endnotes”). These post, opinions, information, history do not reflect my current employers views or positions in any way, everything is my own.

A homepage section

Like a garden, we all grow when hard work is performed for future endeavors and experiences.


Foremost, I am a Christian that has asked the Holy Spirit into my life via Jesus Christ the one-way path to salvation, and true human education.

Secondly, my dear wife, Aimee, and I have been married since the late 1980’s. We have two adult children that are the greatest.

I work at a local University in the Information Technology Department since 2008 when Dr.┬áDavid A. DeCenzo began as our President. Everything on this site is me and does not reflect my workplace’s opinions, ideologies, mission by any means.


Update: February 21, 2018 – I need to update the “Featured Image” because that car got killed by USAA Insurance.



If you would like to contact me . . .

I am not looking for a new job (Praise God!) at this time.

I do not want to date “hot girls/ladies/etc” in my area – just don’t bother ok.

I do not want to learn of your “make a buck” methods, I’m broke, I accept that form of life, and if God graces me with a Loto win, then . . . that would be bloody weird – *snicker*

Otherwise, send me an e-mail or leave a msg on my phone and I’ll try to get back shortly.