HIST498 SPR 2018: Entry 001 – 23 January 2018

R.Adm Samuel E. Morison

Dr. Navin lead the class today from our reading assignment. He gave us a citation quiz, which we partner worked on, and other group graded – it was not too good for the class; therefore, thank God it was not graded.

The question today was can you really come up with an interesting and subject writable paper without a thesis written first?

It has been my experience that I have an initial interest in the event(s), and I do come to it with a secondary sources’ opinion to start with in my History research.¬† However, if I know the particular author writes with a slightly slanted bias on subjects, then I want to find those points that were left out in the final paper in order to support either a confirmation or opposition view on the event(s).

My historiography of an scholarly writer is on¬†Samuel Eliot Morison (1887 – 1976). A man whom died on our nation’s bicentennial after spending a lifetime writing about the History of the North Americas.