Precinct Re-Org 2019


Howdy all,

The biennial election of officers for the Horry County Republican Party is this week. It is on Thursday at 6:30pm (arrive 30 minutes early to sign-in), and for our neighborhood (Wild Wing) it is held at the Grand Strand Baptist Church beside Tanger Outlet Mall down Hwy 501 towards the beach, on the left before Hwy 31 junction.

It has been a great pleasure, most the time, to be your elected Executive Committee representative since 2009. We moved by home in 2006 from a seven-year chapter of our lives in Oro Valley, Arizona –(Tucson). While in Arizona I was a principal in a software company that provided County Governments with a revenue collection and distribution system that worked with all aspects of County government. During those years, I could not pick a party, though I voted primarily Republican in every election. We could not appear biased towards a particular party, and Arizona is a Party Registration State where you cannot vote in the primaries, or party conventions without proper registration, which is unlike South Carolina where you can vote in any primary or claim to represent any party when registering to run for office. That changed with the move back to South Carolina, finally, I could actively work for paleoconservative principals in the Republican party again.

It has been my practice to also run for State Delegate which requires up to three meetings in the State Capital and one U.S. House District “local” meeting, or more as required for the position. State Delegates are elected at the County Convention during the re-org years, so our Convention is in April, 2019. However, to attend the County Convention, there is a Party Membership Fee. This fee is not required by State Code law for the Precinct elections, only that you are a registered voter, voted Republican in the last election, and present a voter registration card at the meeting on Thursday. Bring you Driver’s License or S.C. ID Card to the meeting if you cannot find your voter registration card mailed to you “ages ago.” With a valid S.C. License, we can look up your voter registration information, but that takes a bit longer.

During my tenure, we have nominated Sen. John McCain, Gov. Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump; I only supported one – Mr. Trump. I didn’t vote to censor Sen. Lindsey Graham when Horry County ECs voted on the motion because I had not received enough replies to my inquires in Wild Wing on the matter. I personally wanted to vote to censor him; however, my respect of our republic form of government wouldn’t allow me to set personal before principle desires. Over the last three terms, I have fought hard to keep our republic representation principles alive when repeated attempts, using the County By-Laws, were presented to our party. I ran as your District 8 County Council Member in 2016, but lost to Councilman Johnny Vaught. I did win one Precinct with my door-to-door campaign that my family of four and I are proud of for those votes.

I hope you will join me and many others this Thursday to get our Horry County Republican Party back on track with representing our republican form of State and National government. See you there.

If you have any questions, then send me a tweet
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