Facebook blows: Why is my feed so negative?

I hoop on in the morning to see what events my friends have encountered recently. But all I see are meme’s (duplication) the same thread. Ok, I get it, we all kinda think similar thoughts so lets share the meme (which btw I pronounce mē – mē) — wrong I really don’t care.

Well, guess what ppl, my feed filled with duplicate pix do not really share what ya got going on.

While funny, in a way, most the time your meme’s don’t tell me what you really think about events that are affecting my life.

Remember, everything you post on FB, is forever. Don’t be stupid, one day you have to convince that HR person to allow your interview with that future boss and his/her boss.

History Bachelor of Arts @ Coastal Carolina University.

NOTE: These are my personal comments and do not reflect the policy, or anything at Coastal Carolina University. These are my soul thoughts only.

OMG, I am so burnt. I lost my Summa CL with a “distance learning” class this Summer. Now it looks as though I may slid to below a CL. That will po me, but it is my fault for not interpreting the “concepts” being presented “correctly”.

October 11th, I hope to sign-up for my 498. However, it is with a Dr. that I have avoided like the plague since my HIST101 that he taught.  One begins where one ends. Death and birth are kinda the same things when you consider it hard. At some point in time, you – yourself – your entity – your personality – did not exist, *poof* and then it did. When you die, it reverses in that where at that point in time you – yourself – your entity – your personality dies, your existence on Earth has terminated.  Therefore, one must ask one’s self, “What is our goal, and how do we achieve it?” One must plunge ahead no mater the obstacle, find a “work around” a.k.a. counter-act

Hard-work – that really is the answer. Read the material, retain a bit, and decide for yourself on the subject matter via the evidence presented.  Write from your soul via the pen. Congratulations. 

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